The NetBSD Port Maintainers

The NetBSD port maintainers fix and improve the various ports of NetBSD. There is one port maintainer or a team of two co-maintainers per type of machine that the NetBSD operating system supports. A port's maintainer is the final authority about changes being made to that port, and is responsible for attempting to fix problems with the port and for integrating improvements into the port in a timely manner. If a port doesn't have a maintainer, then we can't consider it ``supported.'' Being a port maintainer is hard work, but is crucial to the NetBSD Project's continued success.

The NetBSD Port Maintainers (in alphabetical order by port name)

Port Name(s) E-mail Address(es)
acorn32 Reinoud Zandijk
alpha Matt Thomas
amd64 David Laight
amiga Ignatios Souvatzis
amigappc Ignatios Souvatzis
arc Noriyuki Soda
atari Julian Coleman
cobalt Erik Berls
evbmips Simon Burge
ews4800mips Izumi Tsutsui
hp300 Izumi Tsutsui
hpcsh Valeriy E. Ushakov
hppa Nick Hudson
i386 David Laight
ibmnws Matt Thomas
iyonix Gavan Fantom
landisk Valeriy E. Ushakov
luna68k Izumi Tsutsui
mac68k Martin Husemann
  John Klos
macppc Michael Lorenz
netwinder Matt Thomas
news68k Izumi Tsutsui
pmax Simon Burge
sandpoint Tohru Nishimura
sbmips Simon Burge
sgimips Søren Jørvang
sh3 SAITOH Masanobu
sparc64 Martin Husemann
vax Anders Magnusson
x68k NISHIMURA Takeshi
xen Manuel Bouyer