The NetBSD Foundation 2022 Financial Report

Overview of the finances of The NetBSD Foundation for the year 2022

Description USD
Initial balance (2022–01–01) 228,601.61 USD
Adjustment [1] −2,295.86 USD
Income 44,837.76 USD
Expenditures −16,114.73 USD
Net assets change 28,723.03 USD
Final balance (2022–12–31) 255,028.78 USD
Donations 44,724.06 USD
Merchandise 113.70 USD
Overhead: Currency exchange 264.55 USD
Overhead: Fees 1,255.17 USD
Overhead: Legal 4,995.88 USD
Program: Consulting 8,186.76 USD
Program: Hardware 231.23 USD
Program: Travel 1,181.14 USD

[1] In 2021, we found and corrected a mistake in our ingestion of Stripe data, which changed the 2020 closing balance by 2,295.86 USD. However, we had already opened the 2021 book and neglected to correct its opening balance, so the 2020 closing balance and the 2021 opening balance didn't match. This adjustment corrects that mistake. To avoid this mistake in the future, our instructions on preparing the annual financial report have been amended to confirm the last year closing balance and current year opening balance match before publishing the report.

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